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Exhibition review: 'Painting with Light: Art and Photography / Tate Britain, London

An interesting concept for an exhibition. I would have liked to have seen the exhibition to make a more informed comment. Parallels can be drawn, but how much import you put on the connection is up to you vis-à-vis the aesthetic feeling and formal construction of each medium. It is fascinating to note how many of the original art works are photographs with the painting following at a later date, or vice versa. Photographically, Julia Margaret Cameron and John Cimon Warburg are the stars.

Photographs have always been used by artists as aide-mémoire since the birth of photography (Eugené Atget's called his photographs of Paris "Documents pour artistes", declaring his modest ambition to create images for other artists to use as source material) ... but I take that statement with a pinch of salt. Perhaps a salt print from a calotype paper negative!

Dr Marcus Bunyan for Art Blart

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John Cimon Warburg (1867-1931)
The Japanese Parasol
c. 1906
711 x 559 mm
© Royal Photographic Society / National Media
Museum/ Science & Society Picture Library

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