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Exhibitions: Health and Well-being / Bristol, Arnolfini, from 4 December 2020-February 2021

Bristol's Arnolfini arts space is presenting two photography exhibitions as part of its Health and Well-being series, both come from the Hyman Collection. A picture of health presents a group of women photographers and Jo Spence: from fairy tales to phototherapy presents work held in the Collection. 

The first, brings together a group of contemporary women photographers featuring autobiographical perspectives and social commentaries on the wider society, that aims to de-stigmatise subjects around mental health and create an environment in which people can have open conversations about their wellbeing. A Picture of Health includes work by Heather Agyepong, Sonia Boyce, Eliza Hatch, Susan Hiller, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Anna Fox, Rosy Martin, Polly Penrose, Jo Spence, and Paloma Tendero.

Jo Spence is drawn from one of the most comprehensive collections of Jo Spence’s works in the world, From Fairy Tales to Phototherapy focuses on the intersection between arts, health and wellbeing, celebrating her work as a photo therapist in which she used photography as a medium to address personal trauma, reflecting on key moments in her past.

Both exhibitions run from 4 December 2020-28th / 21st February 2021 respective. Both are free but will require pre-booking so social distancing can be respected. 

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Images:  Wish You Were Here 1. Le Cake Walk: Rob This England Heather Agyepong; Only When I Got to Fifty Did I Realise I was Cinderella, (03). Jo Spence in collaboration with Rosy Martin

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