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9-week FREE Cultural Curators Course in London!

I think is this more on the 'arty' side of things, but I'm sure the skills are transferable to running a photo gallery. And it's FREE!

Mapalim is offering you a chance to learn how to run an art gallery with their free course in curating - details here

Gain the experience, Level 3 qualifications and the chance to curate your own exhibition at The Parlour Studios & Project Space.

Nowadays, the creative and cultural sector is more competitive than ever. This Cultural Curators Programme offers an opportunity to increase one’s marketability by achieving a nationally recognized qualification in Cultural Venue Operations.

We invite anyone with a proven interest in the arts, a personal arts practice, prior experience of venue operations and/or event organization, or anyone who is motivated and committed to learning something new to apply for the Cultural Curators Programme.

Have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the essential non-art side to organizing exhibitions and events.
  • Gain Level 3 qualifications in ‘Cultural Venue Operations’ and ‘Principles of the Creative and Cultural Sector.’
  • Earn £835 upon completion of the program and the qualifications. (20 week option, employed by Mapalim only)
  • Design, market, run and manage your own art exhibition (with other people’s art, not your own!) and community events.
  • Learn aspects of venue management such as health & safety, photo image capture and guided tours.
  • Gain valuable experience that will help you further your career in the creative field.
  • Do this course around your day job!

To organise your exhibition you will work in a group of 5 and each have a job role of either Curator, Community Outreach, Marketing, Logistics or Finance. However every member of the group will have full input in all areas. The time commitment will be 8 hours per week in either evenings or weekends (see 'Which course is right for me?'), half of the time will be workshop delivery and the other half will be to work on your exhibition.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be aged 19-24
  • Be a UK/EU citizen or have lived in the UK for 3 years

The ideal candidate for this role will be extremely hardworking and a motivated team player, taking on this course as a challenge. You will have the opportunity to use the Cultural Curators Course as leverage to market yourself as a curator, marketer or events manager.

Which course is right for me?

9 week course - Wed/Thurs evenings, 5:30pm - 9:30pm. Intakes are 13/03/12, 15/05/12. To apply, please send your name, telephone number and DOB to with 'Cultural Curators 9 Week' as the subject.

20 week course - Wed/Fri evenings, 5:30pm - 9:30pm. Intake is 28/03/12. To apply, please send your name, telephone number and DOB to with 'Cultural Curators 20 Week' as the subject.

20 week course, for those employed in the arts sector - To be eligible for this you must be working for an arts organisation, arts job role or job somehow connected to the arts, 16 hours or more per week. You must be earning at least £2.50 per hour in this job. The course will run on Saturdays 10am - 6pm. Intakes are 04/02/12 and 23/06/12. To apply, please send your name, telephone number, place of work, number of paid hours you work per week and your DOB to with 'Cultural Curators Extended' as the subject

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