12200906695?profile=originalGreat in Britain is a unique photographic archive of the British people at work. Photographers are invited to submit photographs that celebrate the understated pride and passion of the often unsung working heroes that form the bedrock of this great nation. This 'visual time capsule' will give a fascinating insight into the world of work in Britain, chronicling the diversity of skills that exist in this country, as well as the great innovation and endeavour.

greatinbritain.co.uk will become a unique resource, a visual time capsule that will build a legacy for the future and enable viewers to discover and appreciate those who live and work around them now.

Through the Great in Britain project, Barbour will curate an archive of images that celebrate the Rural Community in Britain. We want to see the people who live and work in the countryside, catalogue the variety and breadth of skills and vocations that exist, and showcase the contribution that they make to our society.

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  • Better than previously - but I would still rather see organisations such as this:

    a) not starting off negative to the photographer

    b) not pulling back to only neutral when people criticise

    c) actually thinking about being positive to the photographer...


    e.g. acting as a showcase, but taking no rights / letting photogaphers agree that Barbour can use the images - but only at commercial rates. I am constantly amazed at how folks set up 'projects' which are on the surface exciting and big and adventurous etc. as this one is, but underneath actually represent an idea and an expectation - that others will contribute the talent and hard work / provide their resource for no recompense... what other field expects this - would anyone expect lawyers / bankers / doctors / architects / builders / teachers / etc. etc. to give their money making skills free of charge? And yes, perhaps a number of photos will come from 'amateur photographers' but that doesn't make it any more honest a proposition...


    If this was something purely voluntary and community coming together it wouldn't be an issue - but it clearly isn't - with Barbour's involvement is has become commercial - the ts & cs are a clear sign that lawyers have been involved - so it is not longer about community and participation - someone somewhere has seen the monetary value of doing this - I would therefore encourage photogaphers not to join in - find an alternative - the concept is good, but find a way of recording history which doesn't make someone else money unless they are paying for your skills / time / product.



  • Good to hear that the T+Cs have been amended for the photographer's benefit
  • Hi, I wanted to defend Great in Britain and admit that we made a mistake on launching this project which we have quickly put right.

    The T&C's for those who kindly submit have now been amended so that the rights you grant to the photographic archive are 'non exclusive'. The following clause has also been added; 'If potential commercial gain arises for any particular image, Great in Britain will pass details to the photographer of interested parties, for the photographer to negotiate terms on their own behalf'.

    We hope that photography enthusiasts will want to submit their images in the spirit of making an important contribution to a portal that present and future generations can enjoy. Photographs will only ever be used by Barbour or Great in Britain to promote the Great in Britain initiative and will reflect this special celebration of Britain at work in the countryside.

    There is also a prize awarded each month to the photographer whose image best sums up the essence of life at work in rural Britain.


  • Yet another competition without a prize: Definitely one to avoid - not good publicity for Barbour either - they really ought to know better.
  • Great - another, lets steal photos from photographers type of website:


    In their Ts&Cs:

    All submitted work remains the intellectual property of the artist, although once submitted exclusive usage rights are assigned for twenty four months. Across this time period the artist may exhibit the submitted work, but not sell, lend or grant further usage rights for the material. Therefore temporary exclusive usage rights are granted to Great in Britain. After this period, in order to support the ongoing photographic archive resource, the submitted work is licensed to Great in Britain for an indefinite time period and for any related promotion of the archive across any global media on a royalty free basis.


    Why do people believe that on the web they can take assets from people for no money - in order that they can make money out of them - what other business has a model where they expect the suppliers to give them exclusive rights for no return?


    always amazes me that people do it...


    it might build a legacy for the future - but it is hardly supporting the photographers themselves!



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