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I am writing an article for a newish photography publication in Bristol. the article I am writing is on early street photography and I was hoping to use some images by some well known and lesser known street photographers. Does anyone know how it works with reproducing photographs in this way? Do you just need to cite the image source or would I/the magazine need to pay for the use? If anybody knows anything about this sort of thing i would appreciate a professional opinion as I am rather new  to it all. Thanks.

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Comment by Sarah McDonald on September 26, 2011 at 9:25
hello Gavin - I agree with Michael's comments and would add that even if an image is out of copyright you need permission from the person or company from which you sourced the image to reproduce it as they have provided access. Good luck with the piece!
Comment by Michael Pritchard on September 22, 2011 at 20:05
Gavin - you should get permission to reproduce photographs and there may be a reproduction fee payable to the photographer or copyright holder. If the work is very old or it is not possible to trace the copyright holder for what are known as 'orphan works' then every effort should be made to trace the copyright owner. If you are reproducing pages of magazine then copyright may subsist in the original photographs and in the layout of the magazine page and permission from both might need to be sought. That said, in my experience photographers and publications can be reasonable and waive fees... The specifics of what what you are doing would help provide a clearer answer.

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