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Exhibition: Holy Rood and Noiseless Noise by Norman McBeath / Edinburgh, until 22 June

The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh presents Holy Rood, an exhibition of black and white photographs by Norman McBeath of branches, wooden forms and carvings alongside the poet Robert Crawford's translation of the Old English poem, The Dream of the Rude, spoken by the tree that was hewn to make the cross on which Christ was crucified. The oldest, fragmentary text of this visionary poem survives in runic inscriptions on an eighth-century stone cross at Ruthwell in Dumfriesshire. The exhibition is on until 22nd June 2019 at The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh, 6, Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ.

Also on display is a selection of Norman McBeath's latest work, Noiseless Noisewhich offers an insight into the simplest and most commonplace flora in exquisite detail. Two works from the Noiseless Noise series are currently showing in Gallery V at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, on until 12th August.

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