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When thinking about homeless people and beer, negative connotations can’t help but arise in your mind. However, this may all change as members of Cambridge's homeless community have created a series of photographs using pinhole cameras made from beer cans. Photographer Mark Woods-Nunn worked with members of the charity Flack to make the cameras.

Each camera was made by removing the top of an empty beer can, fitting a new lid and making a hole in it with a pin. A piece of photographic paper was then put inside the can. Installing the cameras at locations throughout Cambridge and taking a minimum of 3 months to develop, the images come with high expectations, and they do not disappoint.

Entitled "Pinholes & Portraits", the exhibition was held over two days this week at The Chesterton Tower, Chapel St, Cambridge. A news report can be found here.


Photo:  Three-month beer can exposure revealing the sun's journey across the sky. Copyright: Flack


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