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Hyman Collection to be lost from Britain?

The Art Newspaper carries a fascinating Q&A with James Hyman where he talks about the 3000 strong Claire and James Hyman Collection of photography collectionand what might happen to it in the future, He makes a strident, but reasonable, call for a senior curator of British photography at Tate Britain to compliment Simon Baker, curator of international photography, at Tate Modern. He suggests that within the Tate staff there have shown a lack of interest in receiving the collection, although Nicholas Serota has been 'personally engaged'. 

Read the full interview here:

See more of the Hyman Collection at its website here:

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Comment by Tom Ruffles PhD, ARPS on November 21, 2016 at 9:10

Sadly it looks like they've made up their minds to give it to an overseas institution.  They may be right about museums not appreciating donated material though.

I wonder, now the V&A is beefing up its interest in photography with the move of the RPS collection, whether that rather than Tate Modern might be a suitable destination.  I'm surprised that the Tate isn't biting their arms off to get these though, now it has all that extra space to fill.

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