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In conversation: LaToya Ruby Frazier with Renée Mussai & Daniel Morgan with Karen Redrobe

Discover the work of the 2020 Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards winners in two live-streamed conversations. The Foundation is delighted to present this very special event in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery.

This free, live-streamed event features Chicago-based artist LaToya Ruby Frazier, winner of the Photography Book Award, in conversation with Renée Mussai, Senior Curator and Head of Curatorial & Collections at Autograph, London.

This will be followed by a discussion with Daniel Morgan, editor of ‘Frame by Frame: A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons’. The book's author, Hannah Frank, has been posthumously awarded the 2020 Moving Image Book prize.  Morgan (Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago) will be joined by Karen Redrobe (Professor of Cinema and Modern Media, University of Pennsylvania).

Each discussion will be followed by a Q&A with the online audience.

Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards 2020

In conversation: LaToya Ruby Frazier with Renée Mussai & Daniel Morgan with Karen Redrobe

Wednesday 30 September, 6.30pm


Image credits:
LaToya Ruby Frazier. Photograph by Steve Benisty
Portrait of Hannah Frank courtesy of the author’s family

LaToya Ruby Frazier is a visual artist known for collaborative storytelling with the people who appear in her photographs, videos, texts and performances. LaToya Ruby Frazier (Mousse Publishing & Mudam Luxembourg) includes works from three of Frazier’s major photographic series. Exploring racial discrimination, poverty, post-industrial decline and its human costs, the book leaves a lasting historical legacy and forms a pertinent contemporary commentary about the American condition.
Hannah Frank (1984-2017) taught film studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Her posthumously published Ph.D thesis Frame by Frame: A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons (University of California Press) shows how central photography was to the process of cartoon-making in the Golden Age of animation (1920-60). Frank takes a frame by frame look at the laborious process of “an art formed on the assembly line”, revealing moments of unexpected beauty and hidden history within the image.
The print version of 'Frame by Frame' is available to buy. University of California Press has published a digital version on the open access platform, Luminos, where it is freely available to anyone in the world.
The Kraszna-Krausz Foundation
The annual Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards celebrate outstanding and original contributions to photography and moving image publishing. The Awards are sponsored by the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation, which was created in 1985 by Andor Kraszna-Krausz, the founder of Focal Press. They are the UK’s leading prizes for books on photography and the moving image. More information on the work of the Foundation can be found online at

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