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Every so often BPH comes across something that looks interesting or harks back to photographic history in some way. The Lumigraphe is a camera obscura which combines the functionality of your smartphone's camera to take photographs... no need for sensitised photogenic drawing paper. Just think what Talbot could have done with it... Plus you can use it with sensitised paper too.

In the words of the designer: 'The Lumigraphe is a camera obscura for your smartphone that authentically captures the beautiful effects of this historic optical device. Photos and videos shot with the Lumigraphe have a distinct look defined by beautiful color saturation and a soft, dream-like focus. The natural grain and delicate vignette create a quality that feels like film - with a depth and texture beyond anything you can make with a digital filter.' As they so no need for Instagram filters, this is all real life and real world...

It may look a but cumbersome but maybe smaller models or even a reflex model can be designed. 

You can read more about it here - and there's only until 6 July to make sure the project is funded:

and if you want a conventional pinhole camera then check out the ONDU here:

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