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Kinsey Institute exhibit alternative processes

What's the link, I hear you ask? The Institution founded back in the 1940s and 50s by Alfred Kinsey looking into the modern field of sexology, and which provoked much controversy even right into this present day and age. And good, old innocent photographic processes of the 19th century?

The Institute will be holding an exhibition entitled "As We See Them: Exotic and Erotic Images from Modern Alternative Process Photographers" which presents the work of eleven artists using some of the earliest photographic processes to create contemporary images dealing with sexuality and the human figure. These will include cyanotyes, platinum-palladium prints, gum bichromate prints, photogravures, tintypes, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, aluminum-types etc. The images featured deal with sexuality and the human figure.

Details of the exhibition can be found here.

Well, I guess the only clear visible link I can find is the blue in cyanotypes!


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