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Symposium: In a Strange Land: Perceiving and Interpreting Unfamiliar Environments

In a Strange Land:  Perceiving and Interpreting Unfamiliar Environments will take place from June 25–26, 2013 in the Springer Auditorium, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. It is a multidisciplinary international symposium organized by The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and the Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv, in conjunction with the exhibition Displaced Visions: Émigré Photographers of the 20th Century. Moderator: Dr. Nissan N. Perez

The Speakers:


  • Prof. Marc Augé, France (Chair)

Globalization, Space and Migration


  • Prof. Svetlana Boym, Harvard

Nostalgia, Estrangement and Off-Modern Space


  • Prof. Boris Groys, NYU

After History: Alexandre Kojève as Photographer


  • Prof. Hagi Kenaan, Tel Aviv University

An Unfamiliar Familiarity: Photography and the Everyday  


  • Prof. Malcolm Le Grice, UK

The Influence of European Émigré Artists on the Development of Experimental Cinema                                                                                          


  • Prof. Michael Levin, Founding Head of the Multidisciplinary Art Department, Shenkar College

Trying to Achieve a Union Between Prussianism and the Life-cycle of the Muezzin


  • Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, France

Title to be announced


  • Dr. Nissan N. Perez, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Strangers in a Strange Land: The Photographic Vision of the Émigrés


  • Prof. Shelley Rice, NYU

Local Space/Global Visions


  • Mr. Yigal Zalmona, Former Chief curator at Large, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Immigrants or Natives: The Identity Discourse and Early Israeli Art



All lectures will be conducted in English.

25.6.13 between 9:30 – 16:30; 26.6.13 between 09:30 – 17:00

75 NIS per day/120 NIS for both days. Special student price: 40 NIS per day/70 NIS for both days.

Space is limited; please confirm your attendance by phone: 02-6708895/6.

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