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The world’s first filmed kiss has been resurrected for Valentine’s Day after laying unrecognised in photography books for more than a century. The images of two unclothed women kissing were created by pioneering Kingston photographer Eadweard Muybridge between 1872 and 1885 using a bank of still cameras firing in sequence.

The eight-frame sequence predates the 1896 film The Kiss, showing an actor and actress re-enact the final scene from The Widow Jones, which was selected for preservation by the United States Library of Congress in 1999. American artist and academic David Gordon compiled the frames – first published as plate 444 in Muybridge’s book Animal Locomotion – into a digital loop to bring the kiss to life once more.  Mr Gordon, who teaches in Beverly, Massachusetts, is creating a short film called Victorian Dream from Muybridge’s photos, and hopes to visit and lecture in Kingston.

The film will be unveiled on on Monday, February 14. You can read the full news article here.

Photo: Muybridge: World's first filmed kiss resurrected for Valentine's Day

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