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Nall’s Sixpenny Album Views of Yarmouth photographed by Sedgfield

In the Yarmouth columns of the Norfolk Chronicle dated Saturday 31st October 1863, the Great Yarmouth letterpress printer and stationer George Nall was advertising “NALL'S SIXPENNY ALBUM VIEWS OF YARMOUTH. PHOTOGRAPHED BY SEDGFIELD. Nearly 40 sorts. To be had only at Nall's Library. Great Yarmouth.”  This advertisement seems to imply that George Nall had commissioned Sedgfield to take a selection of views of Great Yarmouth for him that were marketed as “Nall’s Sixpenny Album Views.” It is assumed that Sedgfield was William Russell Sedgfield 1826-1902 who was a member of Norwich Photographic Society and was known to have visited Great Yarmouth to take photographs. 

In the later part of 2018 a small number of collodion negatives on glass taken in the 1860s of Great Yarmouth scenes have been rediscovered. These plates are quite small, measuring three and a half inches square. One of the negatives shows Ramp Row and this negative is known to be number 100 in the Nall’s Series of Carte de Visite views. Another negative of the then newly built home for Shipwrecked Sailors has been identified as being one half of a stereoscopic pair. It is believed all the negatives were once a part of stereoscopic pairs.

Does any member of this forum have in their collection any stereoscopic or Carte de Visite views taken at Great Yarmouth that can be attributed to Nall or Sedgefield that may have been printed from these plates? 

Scans of all these plates are on the my photos section on this website.

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Comment by Paul Godfrey on April 23, 2019 at 11:02

Further to this posting.

On Saturday 27 June 1868 the Norfolk Chronicle carried this advertisement:-

To be let the FIRST and SECOND FLOORS of No. 182, King Street, with bay windows, overlooking the Market-place. The Second Floor large roof light, and is well adapted for a Photographer. • Separate entrances each to Floor. Gas and Water laid on.—

For terms apply at Nail's Library beneath.”

It would appear that first and second floor rooms of Nall’s Library at 182 King Street Great Yarmouth were already fitted out for the use of a photographer by 1868, but who this photographer was is not known. There are no known trade directory entries for a photographer occupying the upper floors of 182 King Street until the 1870s. A new tenant, John Sawyer who was an established Norwich photographer and had been running a photographic studio in London Street Norwich since 1856 took over the upper floors of Nall’s library around this time. Sawyer went into partnership with Walter Bird around 1871 and the Yarmouth studio was managed by Wallace Miller for over ten years.

Sawyer and Bird also offered a range of Yarmouth Views.

Comment by Paul Godfrey on April 22, 2019 at 16:31

Hello Paula,

Thank you for the response. I would love to see the scans of the 5 Nall stereoviews that you have. You can email me at

if that is easier.


Comment by Paula Fleming on April 22, 2019 at 12:20

I have 5 Nall stereos of Yarmouth as well as a few uncredited ones.  Whether or not any of these are associated with Sedgfield, I can not tell.  None of my Sedgfield views are of Yarmouth.  Four of the Nall's have labels and one has ms. id. by knowledgable previous owner who would have had a duplicate with a label.  They are:

Series D   Great Yarmouth Beach 

Series 100  Row. 1, (Ramp Row) Great  Yarmouth  

Series 106 Row 18, Conge Row (id. by previous owner)

Series 140 Broad Row, Great Yarmouth, 1867 

#22 The Quay (No.1) Great Yarmouth

     These are full-sized stereos though; mount color is standard bright yellow with square corners, all probably dating from the late 1860s as per the one card dated in the imprint.   Would you like scans?

--Paula Fleming

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