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Exhibition: Memorializing Infant Loss in 19th Century Photography

I thought it appropriate to notify you of my exhibition of memorial/postmortem photographs- Memorializing Infant Loss in 19th Century Photography. The exhibit is being shown at a conference at the University of Hertfordshire and opens July 16th.  The conference title is Perceptions of  Pregnancy…

The basis of the exhibit is my Sleeping Beauty Book series on memorial photography. The exhibit illustrates American and UK examples of postmortem portraiture.  Your audience may be interested in some of my recent news items in NYTimes and NY Magazine- and
Our new photographic history website- www.burnsarchive.comI don't know if the HBO/CInemax TV channel is available in the UK, but on August 8th they will premiere a ten part series - a medical melodrama essentially based on my medical photographs and stories. The director is Steven Soderbergh and the lead actor- England's - Clive Owen. It is about surgery in the year 1900 and is a very realistic and accurate portrayal.
Stanley B. Burns,MD,FACS
I will be visiting, Edinburgh and Dublin surgical societies

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Comment by Melanie Howard on July 15, 2014 at 23:05

Dear Mr Burns,

I would very much like to see the exhibition you have highlighted on this blog but can you please explain how long this exhibition is for and when it is open?  I have searched google but can find no details or mention of it on the University of Hertfordshire website or is it just on the 16th July as part of the conference and to those attending ? Any clarification concerning the finer detail would be great.

Many thanks 


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