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Houghton's Ticka camera is a well-known collectible made by Houghtons Ltd and introduced c.1905. Collector and Special Auction Services camera specialist Jonathan Brown recent came across a previously unknown prototype Ticka from c1929 in a local auction for a modest sum. Not unsurprisingly it was quickly sold on for £1500 to a French dealer.

The camera is not marked as a Ticka but has a patent number 337454 on it assigned to Houghton Butcher Mfg Co Ltd in 1929. The finish looks like the 'tropical' metal finish found on several other Houghton-Butcher cameras from the same period. It has a ratchet film advance to prevent double exposure (the subject of the patent), a window for the film counter and a sports finder on it incorporating the lever for opening the back.

Photo: courtesy SAS with thanks for sharing.

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