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Publication: Photography and the Art Market

Lund Humphries presents the latest volume in its series of Handbooks in International Art Business, an essential guide to the development of photography as an art form and how to navigate this growing market. Photography and the Art Market charts the transition of photographs created for aesthetic ends from a hobbyist pastime to a core component of the international fine art scene.

This essential handbook explores the structural elements that supported this shift (including dedicated galleries, museum and private collections, festivals, fairs and academic scholarship), most of which have come into being within the last 50 years, and appraises the state of the market for photography today.

The first part of this essential handbook provides an art-business analysis of the market for art photography and explains how to navigate it; the second is an art historical account of the evolution of art photography. In tracing the emergence of a robust art-world sub-system for art photography, sustaining both significant art-world presence and strong trade, the book shows the solid foundations on which today’s international market is built, examines how that market is evolving,
and points to future developments.

This pioneering handbook is a must-read for scholars, students, curators, dealers, photographers, private collectors and institutional buyers, and other arts professionals. 

Photography and the Art Market
Juliet Hacking
ISBN 978-1-84822-148-2
256 pages

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Comment by Daniel Heikens on October 3, 2018 at 15:29

Sounds like a great book! Just ordered it :-) 

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