12201165087?profile=originalThe Golden Fleece is, in its opening statement, 'the home of The Creative Camera Archive, plus notes on photography, photographers and photographic ephemera'. It includes a searchable archive of Creative Camera 1-362  and DPICT issues plus a list of features.  Elsewhere it has resources on Tony Ray-Jones, Raymond Moore, Edwin Smith, Olive Cook and the Cambridge Darkroom.  Plus features on Frederick Evans, Hugo van Wadenoyen, Modfot One and Peter Soar. 

Details here: https://the-golden-fleece.co.uk/wp/

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  • I thought it was each issue... however as the British Library discovered when it digitised Spare Rib there are a host of issues of copyright and permissions... Not impossible to resolve but time-consuming. 

  • @RoyHammans Thanks Roy, we were in touch earlier in the year. There must be a way of getting this archive fully digitised. Michael Pritchard any thoughts?

  • Thanks for posting this.

    @TonyRichards - I only wish I had the resources to scan every page of all 358 issues, so yes, still cover and contents only. 

    It took me over 10 years (and some expense) to track down every issue, so charging a modest sum for scans of complete articles is a way of recouping some of the cost. I get regular requests - from photographers, researchers, students, etc, - and am always happy to help. 

    During the acquisition phase I have ended up with around 200+ duplicate issues as well, which are also available for purchase. I often had to buy sets just to get one missing issue! I'll list them all on my site soon.

    As far as I can ascertain, the complete publication run (1964-2001) is not in any other archive world-wide. If anyone knows otherwise then please do let me know.

    When I've clicked a shutter for the very last time the whole collection will be left to the National Science & Media Museum, if they want it.

  • I got excited and thought it had been updated. Sadly still only the front cover and contents page in this archive.

    It always surprises me that this influential resource is not fully available online. There must be some way we can help this along.

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