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12200884663?profile=originalA resurgent RPS Historical Group has launched a new brochure outlining the remit of the Group and highlighting its activities and aims, as well as emphasising its close links with the RPS Collection now located at the National Media Museum in Bradford. A pdf version of the brochure can be downloaded by clicking here, and there is more on the Group at: http://www.rps.org/group/historical. The Group publishes The PhotoHistorian and arranges meetings and visits to collections of interest in the UK and Europe.
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  • Thanks Michael, your comments are appreciated.
  • Well, I think based on your previous experience you will find things much improved. Everyone on the Committee is committed to the Group and to photo-history rather than promoting any personal agenda. Although PH isn't peer-reviewed Dr Carolyn Bloore who edits it takes her role very seriously. The content of recent issues is available here: http://www.rps.org/group/Historical. If you want to see what's happening then meetings and visits, which are held around the country are open to non-members. In fact the last few have been in Birmingham, Glasgow, Bradford and Paris - no sign of London at all. The next meeting will be a special tour of the British Library's Points of View exhibition.
  • Good to see a come back ... BUT ... I was a member for some years, it concerned me that it was London centric when so many of the RPS members do not have access to the London underground. Then the Historical Group was dominated by an individual who was using the organisation to promote his business and flamed anybody who dared contradict him to the extent that an international conference was canceled. So, what is different? How can I as a resident of Evans Head both contribute and gain benefit?
    Will PhotoHistroian be peer reviewed? I have one publication that is terrible being dominated by some wacky process from the above mentioned students! I think the RPS committee must share some of the responsibility as they seemed not to monitor the activity of the group in the name of the RPS.
    I wish it well but it had better be a damn sight better before I spend any of my hard earned pension on it!!
    Dr John Davies
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