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If you're feeling rich or have some loose change in your pocket after the cuts, how about an early original salt print of Daguerre made by Whipple in 1855? Apparently used to illustrate the February 1855 issue of The Photographic and Fine Art Journal, only 4 other examples are know to exist!

All this for a mere US $100,000 (or approx. £61,500 in good old English notes). Check it out on the ebay listing here. Or it's item number 200535461355.


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Comment by Michael Pritchard on April 6, 2011 at 19:45
Unsurprising past offers on this item - presumably at far lower amounts than $100k - expired. Depsite the seller's guarantee accuracy he seems to think Daguerre lived in a town with a name closer to cheese rather than the more precise Bry-sur-Marne :)

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