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Stereographic photography was all the rage during the 19th century. Its transportive quality was enjoyed in parlors across the country, its immersive imagery replicating life both mundane and fantastic. It was, in its way, an inexpensive way to “see the world” in realistic depth and dimension. Stereo images continue to fascinate today, as seen in the resurgence of 3-D films.

Here is a chance to experience these astonishing images as they were intended: dimensionally. Culled from the Library of Congress's enormous 3-D negative collection and from private owners, many of these images have never been published, and a number have never been seen as intended.

Despite the title, the book is not composed solely of images of the 16th president, but rather it is an astonishing collection of stereographs that really brings the Civil War era to life as never before.

The Civil War Trust recently had the chance to sit down with Civil War photography experts Bob Zeller and John Richter, authors of the new book. You can read the full interview here, and purchase the book by searching for it using the Amazon link on the right. Don't forget about the Civil War exhibition across the pond too, with details here.

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