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Terry King & Hands-On Pictures in Richmond have a number of upcoming workshops: Niepce and Wedgwood on 12 & 13 June focuses on making prints on metal using asphaltum also known as ' bitumen of Judea'.  It will use two different methods, the first will produce a straight photograph in asphaltum, the second will produce an image using asphaltum which will result in a plate having the  same qualities as 'The First Photograph' in the 'Harry Ransom Center' in Austin. The group will experiment  by combining  asphaltum and aquatint to produce an image in ink on paper and will also make prints onto leather in the style of Thomas Wedgwood as described in his 1804 paper to the Royal Institution. The cost of the workshop will be £250.

Cyanotype and Cyanotype Rex Terry King and the team at Hands-On Pictures will be running two two-day workshops, the first on 6 & 7 June and the second on 12 & 13 July, covering the beauty of tone and gradation that can be got from the straight cyanotype process on a number of materials. The group will also pursue toning techniques and Terry King’s cyanotype rex process, a development that allows split toning into subtle blues, greys and ochres.  The philosophy of the workshops is that we should use the simplest methods to achieve the best effects in picture making. The cost will be £250.

Platinum and Palladium. In July Terry King and the team at the Hands-On Pictures studio in Richmond are giving two different Platinum and Palladium workshops, one using digital negatives and the other film negatives from large format cameras. Each workshop is limited to six people. The most beautiful photographic prints have been made using the platinum process. The tactility and subtlety of these prints, made on fine art papers, transcend what is possible with other processes. The first workshop from 10 30 AM to 5 30 PM on 7 & 8 July will cover making large format film negatives exposed and developed to produce the wide density range needed to produce the beautiful contrast and gradation for which the platinum print is renowned. The workshop will include taking photographs on large format cameras. The cost will be £250. The second workshop, will be from 10 30 AM to 5 30 PM on 28 & 29 July. The group will make digital negatives together with Peter Moseley. We will adjust curves to give negatives of the necessary density range to produce platinum prints similar to those produced from film. The negatives will be made from scans or digital files which students may bring them. The cost will be £250.

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