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A very interesting instrument, called a photographic gun, has been invented by a Frenchman M. Marrez. It is nothing more nor less than a very large revolver, with a stock to put to the shoulder. The barrel is a telescope that is to say it contains the lenses of a camera. There are twelve apertures, which take the place of chambers. The photographer puts a sensitised plate behind these apertures, and, performing an operation analagous to cocking a gun, the weapon is ready for the field. On seeing a flying bird, he takes aim, and pulls the trigger. The chamber revolves once, and in one second he obtains twelve little pictures of the bird in various positions.
Nelson Evening Mail (New Zealand), Volume XVII, Issue 216, 26 September 1882, Page 2.
Papers Past - National Library of New Zealand

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Comment by Derek Trillo MA PhD ARPS on February 8, 2013 at 12:16

This sounds to me like like Étienne-Jules Marey's chronophotographic gun


The date and nationality are the same.

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