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Assistance required on PRB photographers Parsons, Downey, Emery Walker, Dodgson

I am conducting research into the relationship between art and photography with reference to those who worked with Pre-Raphaelite artists specifically Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  There are several such as John Parsons, Emery Walker, William Downey and of course C L Dodgson.  Whilst there is some literature on Dodgson relating to this it is mainly restricted to his diary entries cross referencing with biographical details from other sources.  John Parson is more problematic; any information on him would be much appreciated and also on Downey and Walker.

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Comment by Ken Jacobson on October 9, 2017 at 13:03

Downey was a large commercial photographer and you should be able to find something on them (if not write back to me – I don't know much about Walker. Colin Ford did a good article on Parsons who is, as you suggest, is more elusive:

Ford, Colin. ‘A Pre-Raphaelite Partnership: Daniel Gabriel Rossetti and John

Robert Parsons.’ The Burlington Magazine. Vol. 146, No. 1214, May 2004. 308–



Ken J.

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