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China | 'Photographic Studies' Issue 1 Paper Call

'Photographic Studies' ( working title ) is a collection of scholarly essays in Chinese and partially English published on a flexible basis. Each issue centers around new trends in contemporary photography, approaching it from a historical and theoretical perspective. Through this, the publication seeks to dig deep into issues on the forefront of photography and further the discussion about them. The focus of "Photography and Culture Studies" is to emphasize the relationship between photography, visual culture studies, sociology, anthropology, aesthetics, philosophy, and other disciplines in the humanities as a whole. We are focused on frontline issues within the Western-style study of contemporary photography; we are devoted to photographic historians and theorists; and as a publication we provide a platform for academic discussion and medium for a diverse array of critics and scholars of photography.

Through established, scholarly articles that focus on the fundamentals of Chinese and Western photography –its theory, practice, and history— 'Photography Studies' looks to combine the newest conceptual frameworks in Western theory with the topics that have contextualized both historical and contemporary photography in China. With this, we hope to create a critical, interdisciplinary dialogue: a complement for the current shortcomings in the study of Chinese photographic history and theory. 


'Photographic Studies' will highlight original articles from academics in China and abroad. We will also be open to a certain percentage of pieces previously released in other publications that we consider to be outstanding. We welcome readers to become active contributors and to recommend photographic works, from both China and around the world, that they find to be particularly spectacular. Each publication will have something to suit all those interested in photography: from photographers, artists, and those involved in Visual Studies to college students, graduate students, and those who merely enjoy photography and the study of the image.


The first issue of 'Photographic Studies' is set to be released in the middle of 2017; it will be independently published by Jiazazhi Press, China. 


We invite submissions from scholars and graduate students working across all times and places on photography and culture. Send a 250-word abstract and CV by December 20, 2016 to taylor110800@gmail. Please don't hesitate to contact me.


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