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Daily Mirror George Mewes discoveries

Its been a fantastic week in tracking down more information about the Daily Mirror's First World War photographers, especially George Mewes.

George went to Russia at the beginning of the war and became a Official Photographer with the Russian Imperial Army. As well as making a photographic record of the fortunes of the Russian army he wrote a series of articles which were syndicated around the world.

His description of the fall of Warsaw, the cost to the city and the soldiers that defended it is incredible. Keeping in mind that all the images and articles he wrote and took had to be sent overland back to Petrograd. Then a search for a traveller going back to the UK had to be found to personally hand articles and glass plate negatives in to the Daily Mirror offices in London.

After the war George return to Russia to make what can only be described as the first charity appeal film for Save the Children highlighting the Russian famine of 1921. The sole remain copy of this film is held by the Bfi.

In 1926 George created the worlds first stock photography agency the Photographic Advertising Limited.

If any members have further information about George and his adventures in Russia and want to share them with me, please drop me an email at

Image below is of George Mewes relaxing in the offices of the Daily Mirror 1914

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