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Daily Mirror Photographers and the Great War

As the 100th anniversary of the Armistice is looming I am asking for help to contact any living relatives of former Daily Mirror photographers who served in WW1 or worked for the paper in the UK during the conflict. 

I am particular interested in Bernard, Thomas and Horace Grant  who had all covered conflicts around the world before the outbreak of the Great War.

Other photographers of interest are David McLellan, Ivor Castle, Ernest Brooks and William Rider Rider official photographer with the Canadians. William after the war joined the Mirror and became our chief picture editor during WWII 

These men served the Paper and their Country by recording the horrors of war only armed with their camera's. I would like to encourage the paper to recognise the service these men gave by telling their stories in their words.

Belgian soldiers resting after being pushed back by the advancing German Army. August 1914 - Bernard Grant 

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Comment by Bernard Degaute on October 24, 2018 at 19:23

A great grand daughter of David Mclellan (a Mrs Bowles) is present on .Just look for "David Mclellan".

As far as I'm concerned I'm looking for informations about these photographers (D Mclellan was in my village in Dec 1918), especially the way they worked and processed their films. Did they use glass plates or sheets?  Did they process their negatives themselves in the field (at the end of the day..) or send them far behind the front line in a  dedicated labo? TIA for your help

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