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We formed Document Scotland back in 2012. Since then, we have worked on photography projects which have been exhibited, published, broadcast and shared with friends and audiences both at home and abroad. Highlights over these years include shows at venues such as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and the many events we have staged across Scotland showcasing our own and other photographers' work about our nation.

Although we have received support down the years from organisations such as Creative Scotland and the University of St. Andrews, we now realise that in order to continue making and sharing our photography, and to be able to devote the time and energies these passions take, we need to find new ways of funding our work.

It is with this in mind that we are inviting you to become a patron of Document Scotland. From as little as £1 per month, you can get an exclusive opportunity to look behind-the-scenes at how we work and the photography we produce. Our patrons, across all tiers of support, will have access to content additional to the photography that we post on our Document Scotland website, which will remain accessible and free-to-view. 

Finally, our patrons will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting documentary photography at a vital time in Scotland’s history. Your generous support will allow us to tell stories, to stage shows and to share exceptional photography being produced in Scotland. If there is anyone you feel might be interested in becoming a patron, please do not hesitate in passing this email on, or letting us know. 

We realise these are difficult times for so many people in society and as creatives we are only too acutely aware that resources are scarce. We hope you can find a way - however small - to help us continue our work. All tiers of support, will have access to the same work, and by supporting, via which ever pledge you are comfortable with, you become an active participant in our creative process. You don’t just support Document Scotland, you join us.  

Please visit our new site, where we explain more of the journey we’re on and why we ask for your support:

If you wish more information, I’d be only too happy to chat with you. 

Sophie (and Jeremy & Colin)

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