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Does Anyone Recognize This Photographer's Signature?

Hello All,

Last year I purchased a collection of photographs that are mostly 19th century albumen format. In this collection are two photos of India with the photographer's named scratched into the negative. I've included both photos, as well as both signatures. The signature that's just the last name looks to me like "Carrey, Currey, etc?" The other signature, which is partially trimmed, looks like "W. L. Carr...?" They appear to by the same hand.

Can anyone out there provide me with any information concerning this photographer? I might be "way off' as far as the last name is concerned, but I can't find anything here in the United States. I do appreciate any feedback.


Kind regards,

John Minichiello


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Comment by John Minichiello on March 6, 2012 at 15:29

Hello all,


It's me again! As soon as I posted this query, it occured to me that the name might be "Caney". My internet search brought up a William Laws Caney who operated a studio in Durban, South Africa in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This is a long way from India, of course. Does anyone have any information about his possibly traveling to India at one time in his career, or could it be a relation?

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