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Identification: Walter Benington and friends photographer group

BPH member Rob Crow is seeking assistance to help identify the members of this group of eight photographers. Seated nearest the camera is Walter Benington (1872-1936) the Pictorialist photographer and leading member of the Linked Ring in its later years.  He was a member of the Ring’s “Hanging Committee” from 1907.  Margaret Harker (1979: 109) has a photograph of the 1909 Committee so this one may possibly be from earlier.

The print is from a collection of family and miscellaneous portraits from a collection of Benington’s work now in Australia.

Any suggestions warmly welcomed. Please comment below. 

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Comment by Anne Strathie on August 26, 2019 at 15:45

E. O. Hoppe was involved around that time - there's a 1907 photograph of him, distinctively un-mustached as one or two in the photograph are

As you can see from this photo EH did smoke a pipe per this photograph

For what it's worth, there's quite a clear photograph of George Davison of LRB/Kodak here

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