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The National Media Museum comes to Flickr™! The museum debuted in The Commons on the photo-sharing website recently, joining other world-renowned institutions in showcasing their collections.

There are some wonderful images on there as a starting point; a major showcase of Peter Henry Emerson's work in the late 19th century, some fascinating images from the first Kodak camera, the No.1, from the 1880s, and some hilarious, bizarre and totally engrossing photos from a Lancashire-based "medium and physic" William Hope (taken - and doctored - in the early 20th century, some 70 years before Photoshop).

Members of the Museum’s collections team worked with Flickr to make three initial groups of images available online; museum curators Colin Harding, Philippa Wright and Greg Hobson made the selections and provided contextual commentary. The Museum will be posting selections of thematically-grouped photographs that it hopes will give some sense of the surprising breadth and diversity of it's Collection.

The museum's Flickr pages started here:

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