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Publication: What Does Photography Mean to You?

Every week we ask a photographer to describe what photography means to them in less than 5 minutes as a piece of audio. This is then included within the weekly A Photographic Life podcast, presented by Grant Scott. The 88 contributions in this book are edited transcriptions of that audio. Including UK based photographers Paul Trevor, Daniel Meadows, Brian Griffin, Robert Darch, Alys Tomlinson, and Sirkka Liisa Konttinen amongst many others. 

What does photography mean to you? Is a simple question but its simplicity of language is deceptive. The reality of such an enquiry is that it forces the photographer to whom it has been addressed to question the very essence of their relationship with a medium that provides them with a creative outlet that is a visual representation of what they think, believe, experience, and wish to convey. It also introduces reflections concerning outcome versus intent, success versus failure and recognition versus anonymity. It is a question that goes deep.

The responses were generous, illuminating and honest. Often raw in their passion, considered in their introspection. Most importantly, themes began to develop, themes of approach, intention and desire. 

Storytelling  is a constant foundation for many photographers as is the importance of collaboration. Many reveal a love/hate relationship with the medium, detailing the torment they often feel as part of their photographic process. Others felt the need to place their practice into the context of their journey, reflecting on those photographers whose words and images informed their own understanding of the medium. Some are up-beat others more melancholic in their presentation, but all are passionate, informed and engaged. Their words force the listener to stop and take stock, they force self-questioning, reconsidering pre-conceived understanding. They make you think.

This book contains some of the world’s most interesting photographers explaining what photography means to them with a portrait of each photographer submitted by the photographer. It’s a small book that will fit in your pocket, camera bag or on your desk. The perfect companion to your photography and your sense of self as a photographer.

What Does Photography Mean to You?
Edited by Grant Scott
Bluecoat Press

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