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Photographic History 1890-1900 / Henry Sutton

I am researching my great grandfather Henry Sutton who was an Australian inventor. In the 1890s Henry lived in London and was a member of The London Camera Club. Henry invented a halftone photographic process called Electro-Phototypy, He set up a Company called Sutton's Process Syndicate Ltd in 1891 which ran out of 4 Tokenhouse Buildings and the place of production was in Blackfriars Rd just around the corner from Fleet St. His process was used in two weekly newspapers and a number of book publishers used his process also.

Henry was also a photographer and exhibited many of his photographs at the time and won a Gold Medal for one of his stereoscopic photographs, a number of his photographs were published at the time and I have managed to find a few but I'm sure there are more. One of the private investors of Henry's process was the photographer Samuel Bourne, Henry also knew Captain Abney, Lord Rayleigh etc.

In 1892 he met Nikola Tesla, Tesla and Henry arranged with Rayleigh and Preece from the Telegraph office to use another invention of Henry's to transmit a photograph via the telegraph.

I am trying to find out more information about this transmission and anything in relation to the above information about Henry. I have more information if you think you might be able to help me or know anything please let me know.

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