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Research: Hill and Adamson Carbon print, 'Redding the Line'

Hello, I am looking for information about this carbon print of Hill and Adams's Redding the Line. I understand that these carbon prints were made around 1916 by Jessie Brown Bertram. Would any member know where I can find more information about Bertram? Where these made to be sold commercially? Did she print other photographer's images?

Thanks in advance,

David McGreevy

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Comment by David McGreevy yesterday

Thanks, Roddy, That is exactly the information i was looking for.

Best, David

Comment by Roddy Simpson yesterday

In Special Collections, Glasgow University Library item Dougan Add 40 is a box of 50 prints each on a separate mount. The printed label inside the box reads:

“Photographs, Carbon prints from the original paper negatives by David Octavius Hill RSA. Printed by Jessie Bertram, 148 Rose Street, Edinburgh, 1916. Published by Andrew Elliot, 17 Princes Street, Edinburgh”.

This would indicate that Jessie Bertram was making the prints for Andrew Elliot (d 1921) to sell at his shop. I do not have a list of the contents of the box so cannot confirm if this is one of the images. There are carbon prints of this image in Special Collections, Glasgow University Library, Later Prints 211, which are by Frances Caird Inglis, who was a later occupant of Hill and Adamson’s studio at Rock House. These were among the items that Robert O Dougan acquired from Inglis widow and later sold to Glasgow University Library.

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