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Research: John Dawson Watson albumen photos.

Hello, I am seeking any information about these two albumen photos. From my research, I believe that they are private photos of John Dawson Watson, RWS, in his April,1871 amateur production of Twelfth Night, at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Watson was photographed by David Wilkie Wynfield, in ancient costume.

Apparently, he created all of the costumes for this production.

Watson is such a fascinating character, I am looking for more information about his life and work.

Thank you in advance,


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Comment by David McGreevy on August 8, 2017 at 0:10

Thanks so much, Geoff.

I will definitely look into the Sawyers' involvement. If I find anything, I will let you know.



Comment by Geoff Lowe on August 7, 2017 at 12:05

Hi - I don't know whether the fact that Lyddell Sawyer and his father Edward were not only well known photographers in central Newcastle-upon-Tyne and also very involved with the theatre is relevant, but I thought worth mentioning.

It seems all the members of the family took part in the performances.

Lyddell was born in 1856 and took over the running of the studio when he was just 16, so if there is any link to your Watson images they may be the work of father Edward.

Lyddell of course went on to play a major role in the London theatre, photographing the actors and celebrities of the time. He even wrote a few plays.

His story is fairly well documented in my recent book 'Don't Look at the Camera' Lyddell Sawyer 1856 -1927.

The attached image is of Henry Irving the well known actor

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