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Research sharing: 'In the Moon' - and other studios

‘In the Moon’ – and Other Studios is a history of professional photography in King’s Lynn during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and it’s free. It follows the development of a small-business sector in a country town, rather than being the (perhaps) more usual studio-by-studio account, but an index makes it possible to track the fortunes of individual photographers. It’s a chronicle of opportunists and entrepreneurs, of custom-built glasshouses and huts on wheels; it tells of price wars and wars of words, of trials and takeovers, of burglary and bankruptcy. It also finds room for shipwrecks, fires, fraud, a train crash, a contralto with a coffin, and a spot of chicken-rustling.

I believe it’s time to share my research with anyone who might be interested, but I realise that this is not a commercially viable publication, and I’m not inclined to go down the usual self-publishing routes, either for printed or for electronic books. I am therefore offering it free to anyone interested – not as a book, but as a set of book ingredients – and I’m using the lowest-tech e-route I can think of.

If you’re interested, email me at, and I’ll reply with a copy (in the form of a set of Word documents) as an attachment.

Please note that this is not an illustrated history. Photographs would have been nice, but I wanted to keep the package small enough (just under 2MB) for easy transmission by email.




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Comment by Paul Godfrey on September 29, 2022 at 14:49

In the Moon’ – and Other Studios has moved and is now available as a download of 22 files in PDF format from

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