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Leicester's De Montfort University's Photographic History Research Centre has announced its Spring terms seminars which explore Photography Evidence and Law. They are open to everyone at no charge on Tuesdays from 4-6pm in the Edith Murphy Building. 

January 14th (Room: EM 1.27)

Professor Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan/University of York)
"Facing Facts: Photographic Portraiture and the Mass Image in Late-Victorian Law and Popular Culture"

February 4th (Room: EM 1.27)
Dr Erika Hanna (University of Edinburgh)
'Photographs and Truth and the Start of the Troubles: the Scarman and Widgery Tribunals (Northern Ireland 1969-72)

March 4th (Room: EM 1.09)
Paul Lowe (University of the Arts London)
Testimony of Light: Bearing Witness to War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia, 1991-2011

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