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Symposium: Women in Photography - 21 November 2015

To coincide with the bicentenary of the birth of Julia Margaret Cameron, The Royal Photographic Society in partnership with the National Media Museum and the University of Westminster presents a day of lectures that celebrate women in photography from both sides of the lens.

The talks reflect on the historical and contemporary contribution made by women to photography. We will be discussing their work from the perspective of the photographer, asking how and if gender makes a difference to the way women work, and considering the influence it may have on their subjects.

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The Talks

  • Thomas Galifot: About (some) women photographers 1839-1919

    Thomas Galifot is curator of photographs at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Thomas's talk will look at both amateur and professional women photographers who have played a more significant role in the history of photography than has been accorded to them in the field of the traditional fine arts.

  • Antony Penrose: Lee Miller

    Antony Penrose is the Director of the Lee Miller Archives. Lee Miller made the transition from being a top model for Vogue to a photographer for the magazine in less than a year. She was intensely beautiful, highly intelligent and driven to succeed in a man's world. Her early apprenticeship to surrealist photographer Man Ray gave her the skills she needed to start her own studio in New York in 1932, after which she embarked upon an extraordinarily adventurous international career.

  • Linda Marchant: Cornel Lucas

    Linda Marchant is a Senior Lecturer in Photography in the School of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University. She will take a close look at Cornel Lucas's stunning portraits of female film stars from a golden era of British filmmaking. From Jean Simmons to Joan Collins, Bacall and Bardot, Lucas's lens presented a plethora of female film stars to the cinemagoing public, and a uniquely British vision of stardom.

  • Helen Clarke: Vivian Maier

    Helen Clarke is a Lecturer in History and Theory of Photography at Leeds College of Art. The story of Vivien Maier, 'the nanny who took pictures', captured the public's attention after her work was published on John Maloof's Flikr account in 2009. This talk looks at some of Maier's photographic work, particularly her self-portraits, and provides a reading of her character based on the evidence they present.

Image: Joan Collins 1952. © Cornel Lucas

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