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Research request: Watkins & Hill: stereo daguerreotype of Wellington

Where can I find more information about 'Watkins & Hill', Opticians from London. I bought a stereo daguerreotype from them, depicting the 1st duke of Wellington. Were they photographers? Or only resellers? 

In my current library I can't find much... So I would like to learn more! 

Feel free to post here or private:

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Comment by Wouter Lambrechts on February 18, 2019 at 10:48

Thanks a lot for your answer. 

I thought is were sellers only. But couldn't find much about them. If they were sellers only, who made this (and other) photographs they sell? 

Here is a fast reproduction of the stereo. Sorry, I wasn't able to make a good one yet. 

I'm working on a topic about the heritage of Napoleon I and the link with photography. Some years ago I published on the daguerreobase an article about the daguerreotype portrait of a veterinarian in the Napoleonic army (Journal Year 2, Issue nr. 2,Spring 2015 ... pdf for free online)

All the best,


Comment by michael g. jacob on February 18, 2019 at 9:50

So far as I know, they were sellers only. Would it be possible to see the image, please? Many thanks!

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