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Hackney Flashers historic exhibitions

This is an exhibition panels from three historic exhibitions Who's Holding the Baby? Women and Work (1975) and Clydeside 1974 - 76 © Hackney Flashers. 

This was in the 1970s. Problems around the expense and availability of childcare persist and have been accentuated during lockdown.  Not so much has changed then.

Panel from Women and Work exhibition, Hackney Town Hall 1975. © Hackney Flashers
The spotlight is on working conditions for those in factories, in particular the garment industry. Wages, labour conditions and union representation were examined by the Hackney Flashers in the 1970s.

Ella Napier, Labourer, Auchinlea Brick Company, Cleland, Lanarkshire from Larry Herman's Clydeside 1974 - 76 exhibition at Street Level Photoworks. © Larry Herman


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