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Workshop: making negatives from digital files

The Royal Photographic Society's Archaeology and Heritage Group is holding a workshop on making negatives for printing by alternative processes or traditional methods from digital files. It is led by Peter Moseley. 

This introductory workshop  covers the essential steps in creating contact negatives to print your digital images using the cyanotype method (maximum five people). Photographic artist, Peter Moseley uses digital origination to capture his images, which are then realised individually on hand-coated art paper using authentic techniques discovered over 150 years ago. Peter will teach the method to convert digital files to create beautiful cyanotype prints.

The workshop covers: how to create the contact negative from a digital file, mix solutions, coat the paper, exposure, and develop prints. This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced photographers. The only requirement is that the images you provide have a ‘heritage’ connection, if possible. A second part to this workshop will explore other methods, upon request: platinum, gravure, kallitype or carbon transfer printing.

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