175th Anniversary of Photography

I was just wondering if anyone knows of anything planned for this anniversary. I am doing my PhD in the one off image through photographic history from Talbot and Daguerre right up to the present use of Instax film.  It would be good if there were any workshops or programmes relating to my thesis.

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  • Thank you for that.  I have managed to get a copy oif Larry's book on Sun Gardens - Anna Atkins and have a lot of info re Talbot from his books also.  The website you gave me was  or should I say will be a great help 

  • The work of Larry Schaaf on the pre-history and very early (pre-1839) history of photography is always useful. R Derek Wood's papers are also important (see: http://www.midley.co.uk/

  • Again, thanks robert, You are correct and I have started with an introduction to the background starting a brief leading to the discover of photography - of photography mentioning Bittista Della Porta, Barbaro, Steele, Schultz and Wedgewood etc.  I would like to get to France and england to view some of the early images and delve into the archives.  My thesis as I said goes right through till the present day with all processes that are one off no negative.  The only way they are repeatable is through another mechanical means or by re exposure. I do appreciate your interest and please keep giving me ideas.  

  • Excellent, Lynette. It might be advisable in your thesis to explain why you have chosen 1837 as your start point for the 175 years, acknowledging the earlier established photography. Equally you could conduct further research into the published material on Niépce and change the start date.

  • Thank you for that Robert, I have Gernsheims history of photography and am aware of Niepces visit to England where he left some images.  I also know that Gernsheims collection in Texas has the view from the window.  I will keep looking for things relating to my thesis.  Any help is greatfully received.

  • It is likely that institutions are cognisant of the Niépce in England Conference held in October 2010. This focused on results from the first scientific investigation and historical and conservation research findings related to some of the earliest known photographs by pioneering photographer Joseph Nicéphore Niépce—photographs that he left in England during a visit in 1827. The conference stemmed from work done on the Niépce plates in the Royal Photographic Society Collection of Photographs held in the National Media Museum, Bradford.The Getty Conservation Institute team announced research findings that provide new evidence of the significance of Niépce's contribution to the development of photography, including the revelation of a previously undiscovered method of image making dating to the 1820s. Staff from the Harry Ransom Center (HRC) at the University of Texas at Austin discussed the work of researcher Helmut Gernsheim and the rediscovery of Niépce's View from the Window at Le Gras (1826), arguably the world's first photograph. Perhaps the anniverary celebrated will be the 190th in 2016.

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