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19th-Century French Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada

For those BPH readers who are interested in 19th century French photographers but can't make it to the exhibition (see 'Events' for info) in Canada, the accompanying catalogue is available at for around £36 (ISBN-10: 0888848730).

La Daguerréotypomanie, Théodore Maurisset’s 1840 lithographic depiction of the craze — it is part of the National Gallery’s “19th Century French Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada” exhibition. Amongst the displays include the albums, Félix Bonfils’s Souvenirs d’Orient, Album pittoresque des sites, villes et ruines de la Terre-Sainte, 1878, and Maxime Du Camp’s Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie, 1852, contain more than a hundred beautiful photographs taken by these pioneers of the medium.

Image: Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin, Académie, c. 1845. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Gift of Phyllis Lambert, Montreal, 1988

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