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Publication: Arthur Coleman Ltd, A story of family and photography in Bournemouth.

My lockdown project…or one of them. My first job was with a firm of Commercial and Industrial photographers in Bournemouth, Arthur Coleman Ltd. Working with Arthur’s son-in law I have just completed a book about the firm and their origins in early ‘Walkie’ photography, beach snaps in summer and photos with Santa at Christmas. 

The book is in two parts, one a product of research into the family and early years of the business and the second, a reminiscence of my time working there in the late 60s. 

It presents the fascinating story of the Coleman family of Boscombe and their involvement with professional photography in the early and mid-20th century. The Coleman family began their photographic enterprise in the days of ‘Walkies’ and souvenir photography and developed a thriving industrial and commercial business based in the Royal Arcade at Boscombe and in Curzon Road, Springbourne.

The book is fully illustrated and will be of interest to anyone with a love of early professional photography, tales of summer seaside snaps, photos with Santa at Christmas and life in Bournemouth during this period.

I hope it will also be of interest to anyone researching early provincial professional photography. 

Copies can be printed to order or a pdf file can be seen and downloaded using the link below.

Arthur Coleman Ltd, A story of family and photography in Bournemouth
ISBN: 9781034721055 (softcover)
58 pages
£13.39 printed / £3.49 download.

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