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Everlasting Moments: A Paean to Early Photography

Firstly, I can safely assume that everyone who follows BPH has a passion for photography - be it historic or otherwise. So I guess I can be excused for posting this blog which is about a movie. Yes, a movie and it's Swedish too - sorry !
No sex, violence or action of any sort, I'm afraid

It's based on a true story of one of Sweden's first female photographer, Maria Larsson, a working class woman in the early 1900s. She experiences an artistic awakening after being introduced to photography by winning a camera in a lottery. She is hooked on the power of the pictures. She begins to take portraits of the townspeople and the harsh world around her, and her newfound talent suddenly infuses her with confidence and awakens an inner passion.

According to a review "The ace in the hole, however, is the film's look at early photography and, in its final half, early moviemaking. The director smartly places us in the position of people for whom the photograph is a wonderful mystery, something to be treasured and, in the case of our heroine, understood. Everlasting Moments is a paean to photography, and finally to the plight of the artist. When Maria bewails the fact that her love of photography has taken over her life and become even more important than motherhood, many of us will understand her. When you love your art, even the important stuff is reduced to a distant second."

I have not seen it myself, but apparently have won a few awards, as well as nominated/short-listed for Best Foreign Film at both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards- so can't be all that bad.

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