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Exhibition: Meade Brothers: Pioneers in American Photography

This exhibition explores the lives and careers of the Charles R. Meade and Henry W. M. Meade brothers who, along with their contemporaries such as Mathew Brady and Southworth and Hawes, are recognized as leading members of the first generation of American studio photographers.

Details can be found here and a BBC report here.

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Comment by Michael Wong on June 23, 2013 at 11:41

Very interesting! Glad to hear that link was 'new' to you. And didn't appreciate the strong Australian connection too.  Hence, important to ensure it's documented for future reference. So best of luck with your liaison with the NPG curator and hope a book will come out of this ....

Comment by Marcel Safier on June 22, 2013 at 22:59

Thanks for the link to the page on Meade Bros daguerreian tokens that I haven't seen before. I actually bought a Meade Bros token at the Daguerreian Society symposium in Baltimore last year and a descendant of theirs is a member of the society. There were several Australian daguerreotypists who maintained connections to their mother countries. Townsend Duryea's studio in New York continued to operate after he came to Australia under the care of his brother Sanford, and then after Sanford migrated here as well, it operated under the care of their nephews Frank and Alva Pearsall. William Kilburn's brother Douglas set up studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart and obtained supplies from his brother. I've written to the NPG in Washington to get in touch with the Meade Bros exhibition curator. A book would be great and I want to make sure the Aussie connection is well documented.

Comment by Michael Wong on June 22, 2013 at 12:47

Glad it was of interest to you, Marcel, and thanks for the interesting Australian perspective too! Here is another interesting article on them which you may have already come across. Hope the NPG would publish a book to accompany the exhibition...

Comment by Marcel Safier on June 22, 2013 at 3:57

Thanks for posting this Michael. I have researched the Meade Brothers activities in Australia, a venture that does not seem widely known to American photographic historians. The Meades operated a studio in Melbourne, Australia in 1854-1855. Their photographer also travelled to Victorian country towns. Thomas Glaister who worked for them in America was likely the person who set up the business and following the sale of the Melbourne studio in February 1855 he then opened a branch in Sydney which he shortly after took over the operation of under his own name. John Nicol Crombie also worked for the Meade Brothers and then set up on his own in Melbourne before moving to Auckland, New Zealand.

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