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  • Thanks! Probably more like it being carried by an elephant on one of your grandfather's photo trips!
  • My grandfather showed my a photograph of one of those cameras years ago. He was a photographer in India in the 1930's, and they used to call it an elephant trap!
  • Well spotted, Clouseau! It is instead a rim of paper.
    Do like the idea of the built-in darkroom. May soon see these in underground stations soon!
  • I know - I street camera with fully self contained darkroom and enough room for an operator.
  • Is that a box of paper under the base? Could give some clues?
  • Agree! It's massive.
    However, I think it does allow one to take a full length, head-to-toe, portrait with relative ease :)
    Definitely not a traveling camera, though!
  • BIG!!!!
This reply was deleted.

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