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Publication: PhotoResearcher, Looking at 175 Years of Photohistory

The European Society for the History of Photography celebrates photography's 175th anniversary with a volume dedicated to the conditions that formed the historiography of photography: Looking at 175 Years of Photohistory is edited by Miriam Halwani, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl (ed.)

Photography has established itself as an autonomous medium in science, in the museum and also on the art market. We have no reason to complain. Or, do we?

Publication of this number of the PhotoResearcher coincides with the celebration of 175 years of photography. Our title “Looking at 175 Years of Photohistory” pays reverence to John Szarkowski's book "Looking at Photographs" and, similar to him, we feel that there is a shortcoming that we want to take steps to compensate for. However, this supposed deficiency does not have so much to do with research into photographs themselves. No, what one desires today is that more attention be paid to texts that accompany photographs, the creation of their myths, methods and circulation. It is critical knowledge about photography that is on the agenda. The meta-level of photographic history is our terrain in this number.


Miriam Halwani, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl: Editorial. Looking at 175 Years of Photohistory

Wolfgang Kemp: Photography, a Home Birth

R. Derek Wood: No Daguerreotype for the Young Queen Victoria: A Case of English Protocol or Perfidy

Stephan Koja: “The Invention was not Coincidental…” Heinrich Schwarz and the ‘Art in the Early Days of Photography 1840–1880” Exhibition 1928

Christoph Schaden: “One no longer hears anything about him and his fairytale.” A Postscript to the Transatlantic Reception of the Levi L. Hill Case

Rolf H. Krauss: Dabbing, wiping, scraping, “fummeln” – on Photographic Retouching in the 19th Century

Naomi Rosenblum in Conversation with Lena Fritsch: A Not-So-Simple World History of Photography

Claude W. Sui: Alison Gernsheim. Pioneer of Photo History Rediscovered

Christiane E. Fricke: The Birth of a Questionable Market – Dealing in Photography in the Nineteen-Seventies

Rolf Sachsse: Light on Light. Autobiographies by Photographers

The PhotoResearcher is published by the European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh). For information about the PhotoResearcher, including how to subscribe, please contact the:

European Society for the History of Photography

Komoediengasse 1/1/17

1020 Wien




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