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12307263479?profile=RESIZE_400xChris writes...The book I am currently preparing is the first of a new genre for me. Previously I have written on sport but this is a popular culture illustrated magazine called Lilliput (vol 1 (1937) vol 47 (1960). For the photographers section I have it in three parts. First are the Agencies and the people behind them; then photographers by first name and surname; then surname only.

Having recorded the agencies and photographers who contributed he has a list of names, usually surnames, that he is seeking further details, forenames and any biographical information. The third list - mainly showing surnames - and volume number - is below. If you can help please comment below.  

Abranowicz: Vol.7

Allgayer: Vol.18

Bacons: Vol.19

Bartram: Vol.4

Brand: Vol.12

Daic: Vol.5

De Spinner: Vol.8

Desmarais: Vol.17

Elgar: Vol.9

Elsa: Vols.20,21

Fernandez: Vol.10

Fullarton: Vol.8

Fuller: Vol.11

Gabler: Vol.5

Gaspe: Vol.17

Ginu: Vol.8

Goldman: Vol.8

Gooch: Vol.12

Grives: Vol.4

Guggenbuehl: Vol.24

Handle: Vol.2

Harriman: Vol.19

Hassaisk: Vol.10

Himik: Vol.4

Jinn: Vols.8,10

Just: Vols.8,20

Keleyi: Vol.8

Large: Vol.18

McDonald: Vol.12

Magdeburg: Vols.15,20

Martin,R.S: Vol.30

Montaigne: Vol.9

Noyes: Vol.4

Ormlines: Vol.15

Pearl: Vol.2

Pettman: Vol.5

Radford: Vol.18

Richardby: Vol.29

Romm: Vol.5

Rushworth: Vol.22

Sherry: Vol.12

Sibun: Vol.19

Skerman: Vols.4,5,20

Stewel: Vol.13

Strong: Vol.3

Stuart: Vol.26

Sushit: Vol.1

Thoresby: Vol.2

Varin: Vol.19

Vero: Vol.30

Waterfield: Vol.7

Whitford: Vol.18

Wiggins: Vol.17


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  • I imagine Stefan Lorant would have used many of the photographers he commissioed at Lilliput for Picture Post. There appear to be lots of emigre names in the list above, another thing in common with PP. If you haven't already, I would contact the Picture Post archive/ Hulton Picture Library, and/or talk to the people at

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