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Research: 'The Confessional', Goodman, Frith, Gems of Photographic Art

I am seeking any information about this albumen photograph: "The Confessional" Printed by Frith, "Goodman Phot.

"21 x 16.5 cm photo on a 37 x 29.5 cm mount.

I am assuming that this was published in "Gems of Photographic Art" by Frith.

My attempts to find a copy online have been fruitless. The George Eastman House and The Ransom Center apparently have copies, but neither is digitized.

I have many questions about this image:

Is the photographer Claudius E. Goodman? He is referenced here on this site, but as a stereoscopic photographer.

This genre scene seems to me, to be a cut above most. Was this his only large scale photo? Why ? The busy composition reminds me of Don Quixote by William Frederick Lake Price.

Is this an enlargement of a stereo view scene? The vertical composition seems to indicate, no.

Which Frith version of "Gems" was this included in? What year? Are there digital copies of Gems of Photographic Art online?

Thanks in advance for any info- or guesses.


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